York 20kg Vinyl Kettlebell

£58.99 £95.00

The York 20kg Vinyl Kettlebell is perfect for working your power, core stability, endurance and balance. The ergonomic design ensures you get a comfortable grip  whilst the four stability feet on the underside ensures it will not slip or fall over.

By incorporating kettlebells into your training, you will benefit from the great versatility that they offer. There are hundreds of different exercises that can be performed with them and they can be used to swing, lift or push. They can be used to target all major muscle groups and burn fat like no other piece of equipment. 

This 20kg weight has a durable finish, has the weight clearly shown on the side, and comes with the reassurance of the world-famous York name.

Additional Information

Ergonomic design
Perfect for whole body functional training
Colour coded design
Targets a broad range of muscle groups
Hard wearing vinyl coating
Wipe clean
Anti-slip, non-scratch base
Weight: 20kg