York Fitness Rotating Push Up Stands

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The York Fitness Rotating Push Up Stands are a great two-in-one home gym accessory which takes press ups to a new level so you can work more muscles and experience a greater range of movement during your workout.

The handles can be used on their own to provide a platform to reduce the pressure on your wrists. However, by adding the rotational discs, the pressure is moved from your shoulders to the chest and triceps to further maximise upper body and core strength.

The rotational effect allows the arms to move in a more natural way whilst engaging muscles in the shoulder, back and chest. They also reduce muscle pain and help with toning and strength goals. Sold as a pair the ergonomic handle design offers great comfort during your workout.

Additional Information

Maximises the effect of push ups
Target a greater range of muscles
Hardened lightweight material
Stable flat base platform
Freestanding Push Up handles
Stand for rotational exercises
Non slip ergo handle design
Colour: Black and red
Sold as a pair