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York Fitness Textured Foam Roller 90cm

The York Fitness 90cm Textured Foam Roller is ideal for relieving tension in tired, aching muscles, preventing injury or rehabilitating after injury. The full length massage roller can be easily worked into most muscle groups to relieve tension and work away the lactic acid that causes muscle stiffness. It can be used prior to training in order to effectively warm up, during training or after training to relax aching muscles. It can be rolled by hand or can be used against a hard surface such as a wall or the floor.

The rolling action helps to improve blood circulation by stretching and massaging the muscles and you determine how gently or vigorously you use it. The roller has a textured surface and a hard inner core which offers a great grip. It is also lightweight enough to be used at home or taken to the gym, to sports training or to work. The foam roller is 90cm long and comes in a cool purple finish.

Additional Information

90cm foam roller
Great for relieving tight muscles
Reduces muscle pain and aids recovery
Improves blood flow and flexibility
Textured surface for a good grip
Colour: Purple