York FTS Commercial Flat to Incline Bench


The York FTS Flat to Incline Bench is perfect for a great dumbbell workout on a bench that comes with a light commercial warranty. This bench has 6 different back positions from 0-90 degree incline meaning you can vary your workout to target different muscle groups. Additionally, a 3-position, pull-pin seat adjustment offers greater support when working out in the incline position.

This bench is sturdy and durable and has large, non-stop feet for greater stability and the back pad has chamfered edges increasing the range of movement in the shoulder area when dumbbell pressing from flat-incline. The bench measures 120cm (L) x 61 (W) x 48 (H) when in the flat position and has a maximum user weight of 135kg and a maximum lifting weight of 135kg.

This item is suitable for light commercial use. This makes it suitable for home use as well as for use in schools, hospitals, workplaces and non-professional sports team venues (where the public are not charged to use the facilities) and is also suitable for use by personal trainers in their own private training facilities. 

Additional Information

Light commercial use
York flat to incline bench
Varied incline positions from 0-90 degrees
Dimensions: 120cm (L) x 61 (W) x 48 (H) when flat
Gross weight: 29.5kg

Customer Reviews

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Stu L. (United Kingdom)
Solid and reliable weight bench

A great bench this, with a good option of incline and it can also be used for decline bench presses. It is very sturdy with good padding and although the gap between the backrest and seat is a little wider than some, its only a minor markdown on its overall quality. A very good option for any home gym.