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York FTS Commercial Seated Preacher Curl

The York Barbell FTS Seated Preacher Curl is a great piece of strength equipment for the home user and non-commercial gym. A preacher curl is essential for targeting the biceps, positioning them correctly whilst you work out.

This seated preacher curl is designed with the user in mind. It features a fully height-adjustable 3 inch pad so you can exercise in comfort and can set the position to suit your individual needs.

The cushioned seat pad is positioned low so that your posture places more emphasis on the bicep area. The seated preacher curl has a wide base to ensure maximum stability during your workout and the wide spotter supports ensure the barbell (sold separately) is caught easily when you need to release it.

This product can be used with a variety of bars. Dimensions when assembled is 92cm (L) x 74 (W) x 97 (H) and has a maximum user weight of 135kg and a maximum lifting weight of 135kg.

This item is suitable for light commercial use. This makes it suitable for home use as well as for use in schools, hospitals, workplaces and non-professional sports team venues (where the public are not charged to use the facilities) and is also suitable for use by personal trainers in their own private training facilities.

Additional Information

Light commercial use
Seated preacher curl
Helps target biceps
Wide spotter supports
Thick padding
Stable and sturdy construction
Designed to force the correct bicep positioning
Bar and weights not included
Gross weight: 9.6kg