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Father's Day Gift Guide

Surprise your active Dad with a fitness-focused Father's Day gift! Show him you care by giving him a present that promotes getting fit. Perfect for the Dads who like to break a sweat, or just break the rules!


1. Adidas Skipping Rope Set 

 Adidas Skipping Rope Set


The set includes two interchangeable weight ropes with two pairs of handle inserts (2 x 50g and 2 x 100g) to vary the weight of the rope. This set comes to you in a stylish and compact carry case for ease and portability.


2. York Active 110 Magnetic Exercise Bike


York Active 110 Magnetic Exercise Bike

This great exercise bike includes 8 levels of magnetic resistance to suit your preferred training intensity and a smooth ride throughout. The bike also offers 5 built in programmes and is perfect for home workouts.


3. Reebok Power Tube Set

Reebok Power Tube Set

The set includes three resistance tubes and one pair of handles. The interchangeable bands provide three different levels of resistance; level 1, 2 and 3.  Dads can use the set for a wide range of exercises to hit the upper and lower body.


4. HXGN Ultimate Dumbbell Weight Bench


HXGN Ultimate Dumbbell Weight Bench


This workout bench features 6 easily adjustable positions including upright, 3 x incline, flat and decline settings. You can hit your biceps, triceps, abs, shoulders, chest, back and lower body from different angles with dozens of exercises. It is a quality home workout bench dads would love.


5. Adidas Mens Full Finger Performance Gloves


Adidas Mens Full Finger Performance Gloves

These workout gloves help you get a grip on your training! They are  built to last and even feature conductive thumb and forefinger tips to allow for touchscreen use.


6. HXGN Adjustable Hand Grip 10-40kg


HXGN Adjustable Hand Grip 10-40kg

For dads who want to improve their grip strength. This gripper features a solid metal spring that can be easily adjusted to change the tension to suit your personal training goals. It provides adjustable resistance from 10kg to 40kg, allowing you to increase the difficulty as you progress your grip strength.

7. Fitness Mad Peanut Massage Ball

Fitness Mad Peanut Massage Ball

This massage ball is perfect for massaging muscles either before or after working out. The clever dual design is ideal for tackling difficult areas such as the back. The dip contour enables the back muscles to be tackled without placing additional pressure on the spine. Can be used either against a wall or floor and by ensuring the dip is over the spine, gentle squat or rolling motion will gently work your aching back. It can also be used to target the neck, shoulders, glutes, hips, calves and hamstrings, ensuring all-over relief.  A perfect gift for hard working dads!

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