Father's Day Gifts For Under a Tenner

Father's Day Gifts For Under a Tenner

Take dad's fitness to the next level this Father's Day with this perfect gift! With "under a tenner" gifts you can give your dad a great present without breaking the bank. Show your dad you care with this charming and affordable present. 

 1. HXGN Adjustable Hand Grips - £5.49

 HXGN Handgrips

 For dads who want to improve their grip strength. This gripper features a solid metal spring that can be easily adjusted to change the tension to suit their personal training goals. It provides adjustable resistance from 10kg to 40kg, allowing him to increase the difficulty as his grip strength progresses.


2. Adidas Mens Half Finger Essential Gloves - £8.49


Adidas Mens Half Finger Essential Gloves


The Adidas Mens Half Finger Essential Gloves are perfect for any training regime at home or in the gym. Made from lightweight breathable fabric with a thin, durable palm covering which allows for a natural grip, he will experience greater dexterity and grip during his workout. The gloves are available in red, blue or white. You decide dad’s favourite colour!


3. York Stopwatch - £3.29


York Stopwatch

The York Stopwatch is a handy fitness accessory to help monitor and track your workouts. It is the ideal companion for  sports, gym and cardio training sessions. A perfect gift!


4. Azure Dual Ab Wheel - £9.99

The Azure Toning Dual Ab Wheel is ideal for strengthening abs, core, arms, shoulders and back whilst burning calories and toning the upper body. Exercise wheels offer one of the most effective ways to exercise the core and upper body.


5. Iron Gym Lifting Straps - £6.99


Iron Gym Lifting Straps


For dads who lift, the Iron Gym Lifting Straps help reduce grip fatigue and give a comfortable and secure grip on the bar during any lifting or pulling exercise. He’ll know!


6. Iron Gym Wire Speed Rope - £8.99


Iron Gym Wire Speed Rope

 This is a high quality speed rope, perfect for skipping, boxing training, cardio fitness and so much more. A great gift for dads.


7. York Leather Weight Lifting Gloves - £5.99

York Leather Weight Lifting Gloves

 The York Leather Weight Lifting gloves offer great protection during workouts. The short finger design and soft black leather allows free movement of the fingers and hands and provides better grip so dad can train to his potential. 


8. York Fitness Deluxe Resistance Tube Set - £7.99 

York Fitness Deluxe Resistance Tube Set

The York Fitness Deluxe Resistance Tube Set is perfect for getting a great total body workout at home, in the gym or at work. Ideal for toning and shaping muscles, the set includes one pair of soft easy grip handles and three resistance tubes. The tubes have different levels of resistance, meaning you can easily change them over depending on your preferences and training goals. A great gift for dads.


9. Adidas Wrist Wraps - £8.99

Adidas Wrist Wraps

The Adidas Wrist Wraps are perfect for providing support for your wrists during your workout helping to reduce the likelihood of injury. During weight-related exercises the wrists come under increased pressure, and its important to protect them. Dad’s who lift weights would love a pair of these.


10. Reebok Training Gloves - £9.99

Reebok Training Gloves

Available in black, blue or red, the Reebok Training gloves offer protection, comfort and flexibility with good grip whilst working out. They also look stylish and would make a perfect gift for dad’s who like to keep fit.

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