Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

What’s more important than showing your mum how much she means. Choosing a perfect gift is a great way of showing your love but it's not always easy. This year, instead of picking a traditional gift, how about choosing a gift which will keep on giving, the gift of fitness.  Here we have picked out some great gift ideas for your mum which she’ll really appreciate.

Azure Exercise Mat

Azure Exercise Mat

This 10mm mat is a great choice for all floor-based exercises including yoga, Pilates and more. Made from eco-friendly, non slip material your mum can workout without the fear of the mat slipping. This mat is a good size measuring 183cm in length and 61cm wide. It’s available in pink, purple, blue and is easy to roll up and store. It also comes with a handy carry strap making it easy to transport to and from yoga, Pilates and other fitness classes, the gym and at home.

Fitness Mad Deluxe Yoga & Pilates Kit Bag

Fitness Mad Deluxe Yoga and Pilates Kit Bag


These popular yoga and Pilates kit bags are perfect for carrying all the yoga and Pilates gear your mum may have - including her yoga mat. You could make your mum the envy of the class with this eye-catching fashion accessory! It’s lightweight and roomy with 4 good sized pockets - ideal for her phone, keys, purse and other personal belongings.

Azure Adjustable Slimming Belt

Azure slimming belt

The Azure adjustable slimming belt is a great tool to help tone and shape the core. By preserving the body’s heat and stimulating water loss whilst exercising, the belt promotes weight loss. Comfortable to wear and adjustable, it can be worn under normal clothing so only your mum will know she has it on!

Azure Weighted Hula Hoop

Azure weighted hula hoop

Who doesn’t love hula hooping? The Azure weighted hula hoop would make a fun gift your mum will love, possibly taking her back to childhood days, playing with friends! Who knew back then what great exercise hula hooping is? Using a weighted hula hoop not only burns calories, giving a full body workout, it also helps tone and shape the abs, waist and glutes. 

Adidas Skipping Rope Set

Adidas skipping rope set

Skipping is another fun way to exercise. The adidas skipping rope set includes two interchangeable weight ropes with two pairs of handle inserts allowing the user to vary the weight of the rope, which is great for targeting the arms and core. This neat set would make a lovely gift and is suitable for those new to skipping and the more experienced. All your mum needs to decide is whether or not weight the handles!

Reebok Softgrip Dumbbells 

Reebok softgrip dumbbells

These unique dumbbells feature adjustable straps allowing the user to ensure they have a good grip. They are perfect for resistance training to improve muscle tone, great for rehabilitation and ideal for adding an extra challenge to your workouts. They are foam covered weights which are comfortable to hold and are available in 0.5kg, 1kg and 2kg. You just need to decide which weight your mum would love.

Adidas Women’s Essential Gloves

adidas women's essential gloves

How about a pair of workout gloves? These stylish gloves not only look good, they use Climate technology to wick away sweat during a working out whilst protecting the hands. The elasticated wrist ensures the gloves stay in place while the thin palm allows for a natural grip. The only issue is which colour would your mum like best?

Reebok Step

Reebok step

This little beauty is great for a whole host of exercises! From cardio to strength training the Reebok Step can be adjusted to 3 different height levels to suit the user. Whether your mum wants to use it for stepping, weight training or push-ups, she can easily adjust it, and its non-slip feet ensure it won’t move whilst she’s using it. What a great gift!

York 75cm Gym Ball with DVD

York 55cm gym ball


How about a York 75cm gym ball? Gym balls are great for muscle toning, strength and flexibility. This gym ball comes with a workout DVD and instructional wall chart - great for your mum to follow. It also includes a handy foot pump making it easy to pump up ready for use.

York Active 110 Magnetic Exercise Bike

York active 110 exercise bike


Brilliant for home workouts, this bike allows you to monitor your distance, calories burned and heart rate. It has 5 different built in programmes for varied, challenging workouts and 8 levels of magnetic resistance so your mum can choose her preferred level. It has adjustable pedals, saddle and handlebars ensuring a comfortable cycling session.

Azure Foam Roller

azure foam rollers

All mums deserve to be pampered. Why not give your mum a gift to help relax tight muscles, increase flexibility and improve circulation? The Azure foam roller is perfect for use either before exercise instead of stretching, helping to reduce the risk of injury, or after a workout to target sore, aching muscles. You can choose between black, blue, pink or purple.

Polar Unite Fitness Watch

Polar Unite Fitness Watch

A Polar Unite fitness watch would make a super gift for any mum. It tracks every aspect of your training including continuous heart rate monitoring, calories burned, distance and it even tracks your sleep allowing you to understand your sleep quality and improve it if needed. Not only that, you can receive phone notifications including calls, texts, whatsapp messages and emails. Which colour watch strap would your mum like? Choose between black, blue, pink and white.

For more Mother's Day gift ideas, check out our full Mother's Day gift guide here.

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