Best Gift Ideas for Runners

Best Gift Ideas for Runners

Finding a great gift for someone who loves to run shouldn’t be a chore. There are so many great gift ideas which runners of all abilities would love.

1. Polar Unite Fitness Watch

Polar Unite fitness watch

This nice looking activity watch tracks your training and displays your results on your wrist as you train, including run distance, duration of run, average heart rate, maximum heart rate, carbs burned, fat burned and speed. It will also track any other form of training you wish to do from strength training, cycling to yoga and more. It even records your sleep quality. As well as being waterproof, this clever piece of kit also receives texts, WhatsApps messages, email and app notifications when its connected to your smartphone. Its good quality strap ensures a great fit allowing the watch to record accurate readings. The watch is available with either a blue, pink, black or white strap so there is something for everyone. The strap is easily interchangeable so if you want to change things up, you can purchase different coloured straps and give the watch a new look. Another great gift idea!

2. Reebok All-Weather Running Gloves


Reebok All Weather Running Gloves

These stylish gloves are great for protecting your hands whilst running. To be worn in any weather, the gloves feature a retractable waterproof and windproof hood which is hidden inside the wrist of the gloves. When needed, simply remove the hood and pull it over the fingers, changing the gloves into a comfy mitt keeping your hands snug and warm. The textured palm gives improved grip allowing you to easily hold your mobile phone or drinks bottle whilst the luminous yellow material with reflective strips ensures you will be seen when it’s dark.

3. HXGN Foam Roller

HXGN Foam ROller

Ideal for use before and after a run, the HXGN foam roller is a must have for runners. It’s perfect for relaxing tight muscles, improving circulation and flexibility. Use it before a run to help improve performance and to help reduce the risk of injury. Use it after a run to ease aching muscles, working away the lactic acid that causes pain and stiffness. Suitable for use on the legs, back, glutes, hips, arms and all other muscles which need some TLC. The HXGN foam roller is lightweight and measures 29.5cm long with a diameter of 9.5cm so can easily be stored and carried in a sports bag.

4. Adidas Massage Ball

Adidas Massage Ball

So easy to use, the adidas massage ball is a great companion for all runners and offers the benefits similar to a deep tissue massage by increasing blood flow and alleviating muscle pain and tightness. Simply place it on the floor or against a wall or other hard surface and using your own body weight, lean the affected area on the ball and let it roll up and down. Perfect for pre and post workout.

5. Polar Stride Sensor

Polar Stride

The Polar stride sensor is the perfect gift for runners and something all runners would want and need. Runners are always striving to improve and this compact piece of kit is designed for runners who want to improve their technique and performance. The runner simply attaches the sensor to their shoe when running on the treadmill, on the track, the road or cross-country and tracks their speed, distance and stride length with either a compatible sports watch or the Polar beat app.

6. York Fitness Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is an essential part of being a runner. The York fitness water bottle offers a simple but stylish design and features the York Fitness logo. Made with durable plastic, an affordable piece of kit.

7. York Adjustable Stabilised Knee Support

York Adjustable Stabilised Knee Support

It’s no secret that runners' knees can take a pounding.  The York adjustable stabilised knee support is designed to effectively protect and support the knee joint. Its thermocel insulating neoprene material provides warmth and compression whilst stimulating blood flow. It has metal stabilisers which provide extra support to protect the knee whilst you run or during other knee movements. This top of the range knee support is machine washable and is easily adjustable to fit all.

8. Azure Adjustable Slimming Belt

Azure adjustable Slimming Belt


For anyone looking to tone and shape their core, waist and abs whilst improving posture and supporting lower back, look no further than the Azure adjustable slimming beltThis neat, discreet, comfortable belt promotes weight loss by preserving the body’s heat and stimulating weight loss during exercise. Wear it under sports wear or normal clothing. Only the wearer will know they have it on. It’s easily adjustable and fits most sizes.

9. Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Insoles

Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Insoles

Anyone passionate about running would agree that a good pair of insoles can make a huge difference to their running performance due to the comfort and support they offer. Sorbothane sorbo pro insoles provide ultimate protection allowing the user to reach their highest level of performance. These insoles centre the user’s geometry by aligning, supporting and cushioning the sole of the foot. They protect the joints from harmful shockwaves which are produced each time the foot hits the ground, absorbing 94.7% of shockwaves, dispersing them laterally rather than through the body. Additionally, they wick away moisture whilst their antibacterial top sheet prevents odour. Trim them to fit any shoe or trainer and machine wash them.

10. York Stopwatch

This handy little stopwatch is the perfect companion allowing you to monitor and track your runs. It features s split timer function along with date, timer and alarm settings. Easy to use, it can be worn using its handy integrated neck strap.

And Finally

From tech to recovery and lots more in between, there are plenty of gift ideas for runners. These are just ten of them, all designed to ensure the runner in your life has something special that they deserve.

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